'Brush-lights' are the new way to get Pinterest-worthy hair colour

As if it wasn't difficult enough having to choose between highlights, lowlights, and babylights, there's a new hair trend that's arrived just in time for the summer: brush-lights. Hair colourists @ozdenkurtur and @emrahdemircii are two of the stylists pioneering the new technique and both have been prettifying our Instagram and Pinterest feeds with dreamy balayage hair colours (all of which have been achieved using the brush-lights technique). Most of the short insta-videos show the stylists w

11 dos and don'ts of dumping a girl (written by a girl...)

Do break up with us promptly. Just put us out of our misery. There's no reason to drag it out any longer than necessary. Don't break up with us after a special occasion. Do it waaaaaaayyyyyyyy before. Look at it this way, it means you won't have to buy us a present. If you did buy us one, we'd probably just end up throwing it away anyway. Trust us, the last thing we want hanging around after a breakup is a lingering reminder of what could have been, but never was. What's that? Oh, it's just the

17 things you should know before dating a 'military brat'

1. "Where are you from?" is not actually that simple a question. Cue responses such as, "You speak really good English" whenever we mention being born somewhere outside of the UK. To avoid a long conversation and much confusion, we usually opt for: "Everywhere." It makes us sound much more mysterious and 'child of the world' than we actually are, when in reality we just CBA to explain and you'd probably get bored of the answer pretty quickly. 2. You know what, we are a child of the world! We ge