“We Shall Not Wilt” is the bold and powerful statement BODYBOUND makes for its presentation at 180 The Strand and the message is received – loud and clear. Taking inspiration from the protest marches, anti-war slogans and flower power movements of the Seventies, BODYBOUND recasts the humble flower as a symbol of rebellion. The timing couldn’t be more apt, as we are marking the 50th anniversary of 1967’s Summer of Love, which is when the hippy phenomenon bloomed. With London Fashion Week Men’s

LFWM: Ben Sherman SS18

The Ben Sherman catwalk show at Two Temple Place is an intimate affair and one that allows the models to strut their stuff for the collection deemed the ‘Peacock Revolution’. The name is taken from the 1960s term ‘Peacocks’, used to refer to men who adopt a distinct and colourful dress sense. On arrival, the seats are gifted with goody bags filled with Ben Sherman cleansing soap, moisturising soap and body lotion with piercing citrus, bergamot, floral and musk notes – along with a British flag

LFWM: Berthold SS18

The Berthold catwalk show at 180 The Strand is a collection made up of predominantly black menswear and womenswear. That’s why when the primary colours yellow, red and blue start to make an appearance, the impact is all the more striking. They crop up subtly in the details before they dominate the pieces from head-to-toe, as if they have completely engulfed the previous darkness and left in its place rays of sunshine. The symbolism originates from a darker subject matter altogether. Research fo

LFWM: Phoebe English Man SS18

The Phoebe English Man presentation is held in a makeshift plastic-wrapped pottery studio at 180 The Strand. Models retrieve balls of clay from a set of wooden shelves, where previous creations are on display. They gather around tables moulding miniature items – baskets, bowls and even cars – and look effortlessly cool while doing it. Their arms are marked with long black lines, their fingers tinged with the taupe clay. When they’re not sculpting, the models are posing in front of the shelves t

LFWM: Private White V.C. AW17

The Private White V.C. presentation on Friday was held at the brand’s flagship Duke Street store in Mayfair, with an unexpected guest. A bulldog roamed around downstairs at the feet of mannequins and attendees alike. For this Manchester brand, it doesn’t get more quintessentially British than that. The label takes its name from Private Jack White, who was born in Leeds in 1896 and signed up to the Royal Lancaster Regiment when he was 18. In 1917, he earned the Victoria Cross medal for his coura


TOPMAN Design’s catwalk show on Friday was a throwback to the Nineties, so where better for Lennon Gallagher, the son of Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher, to make his catwalk debut? The 17-year-old strode down the runway at the Old Selfridges Hotel representing a decade that he was just about born into in 1999. Liam gave his stamp of approval on Twitter, describing himself as “very proud.” Lennon, whose mother is Patsy Kensit, was every inch his father’s son with strong brows and liquid blue ey

LFWM: Barbour International AW17

London Fashion Week Men’s (LFWM) presented Barbour International at the Royal Institute of British Architects for the first time yesterday, where the motorcycle heritage brand also launched its Snapchat channel (@BarbourInt). Barbour International is the rugged younger brother of the Barbour brand we know and love with its wax jackets and countryside connotations. John Barbour originally founded the company in 1894. His grandson Duncan Barbour then diversified and revved some engines with the 1

LFW: Faustine Steinmetz SS17

She was topless and painted a glossy black. I thought I was staring at a mannequin, until I noticed her breathing. Nestled in Old Spitalfields Market at the Topshop Show Space, the Faustine Steinmetz presentation was like a cave of wonders. The model was wearing jeans, if we could even call them that. They were encrusted with Swarovski crystal rock formations, turning her into an enormous geode. The stiffness must have made them incredibly uncomfortable to wear or move around in, but when has f

LFW: Alice Archer SS17

Carlton House Terrace at the Institute of Contemporary Arts gave the impression of being submerged under water, with jellyfish and coral taking temporary residence. Alice Archer’s presentation highlighted the beauty of the sea. The designer was there, along with stylist Pandora Sykes, and they were both beaming. They were the sirens that lured us to the majestic collection, where we fell hard for the clothes. The embroidery on the garments was modelled from marine invertebrates, sea flowers, an

LFW: Asli Polat SS17

The Asli Polat presentation was held at the Vinyl Factory as part of On|Off. While bemused shoppers browsed through records, they showed a vague interest as people were ushered downstairs into a whole other world – one that they might not have even known existed. This season marks Polat’s fifth showing in London. With a head office based in New York, Polat splits her time between the two cities. If the Ryan LO show reminded me of prom, Polat’s certainly did. Big silver balloons spelled out the

LFW: Omer Asim SS17

Omer Asim’s presentation, ‘Reversed Sensory,’ at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms was anything but a sensory deprivation for those in attendance. It did take us back to basics though and to Asim’s architectural training. Asim was born and raised in Sudan and went on to study architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture in London. He also dabbled in psychoanalytic studies, which fostered his interest in the relationship between the mind and clothing. Androgynous male and female models wer

LFW: Ryan LO SS17

Jazzy lanterns made out of metallic party garlands dazzled and twirled as they danced to an eclectic mix tape. Our invisible DJ spun out 80s synth, as well as tracks like ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ by The Bangles and, in a throwback to Aladdin, ‘Arabian Nights.’ No, it wasn’t prom. Nor was it a children’s birthday party, despite the frilly socks, feathered tricorn hats, and harlequin print. It was something even more magical – the Ryan LO fashion show. A goody bag of delights in its own right, the

LFW: Ones to Watch SS17

Freemasons’ Hall was bursting with talent at the Fashion Scout showcase Ones to Watch. An illustrious panel, including Fashion Scout’s founder and director Martyn Roberts, Ones to Watch’s stylist Rebekah Roy, fashion writer Tony Glencille, and the British Fashion Council’s Kendall Robbins, selected four up-and-coming designers whose names you need to know now. Take note, because they’ll soon be popping up everywhere. Models walked down the runway looking like futuristic flight attendants in pas


My last show of the season was rounded off with a very exciting one indeed, and I managed to watch it all unfold from the front row! Founded by South Korean designer Zio Song in 1993, SONGZIO is a contemporary menswear brand that made its LCM debut on Monday. While this is impressive enough in itself, it was also the first time in 10 years that Song has displayed his work outside of Paris Men’s Fashion Week. The brand is based in Paris, where Song graduated from the acclaimed ESMOD, and Seoul. P

LCM: Tourne de Transmission SS17

Tourne de Transmission cryptically urged, ‘CHOOSE YOUR ESCAPE ROUTE ->>>,’ at the first floor presentation space at 180 The Strand on Monday. I was led into a bare, dimly-lit room, all but for a wall lined with black and white photographs. Some of the faces were instantly discernible, such as McFly band member and LCM regular Dougie Poynter, while others were not. The palpable tension began to build and I fervently looked for an escape route, in case I might actually need one. Tourne de Transmi

LCM: Chester Barrie SS17

The Prosecco was flowing, finger sandwiches and mini scones (delicious by the way) were making their rounds, and everybody looked like somebody. There was merriment and entertainment to be had in the form of a live band with jazz singer Collette Cooper, who shimmied in sequins. It sounds like the kind of party Jay Gatsby would throw, and in some ways it was. Chester Barrie’s LCM presentation on Sunday, 'Summer in the City,' at The Waldorf Hilton was an opulent affair. In fact, F. Scott Fitzgeral

LCM: Christopher Raeburn SS17

3…2…1…we had liftoff at Christopher Raeburn’s fashion show on Sunday, held at the British Fashion Council’s official show space, 180 The Strand. The British designer sent both men and women down the catwalk, with a vision influenced by George Lucas’ first ever film from 1971 – THX 1138. The film charts a terrestrial dystopian future, but if Raeburn’s collection is anything to go by, it’s a future that doesn’t look too entirely bleak as long as we’re dressed for the voyage. For Raeburn’s graduat

LCM: Katie Eary SS17

Upon entering 180 The Strand on Monday for the unveiling of Katie Eary’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, my attention was already captured hook, line, and sinker. Fluorescent orange (I’m sensing a burgeoning colour trend from LCM) nets and buoys stretched across the length of the catwalk, intertwined with lobster traps. The setup was indicative of the spectacle to come, just as indicative as the excess of fish emojis Eary used on her Instagram prior to the show, and the barracuda-ridden invitatio


My first ever London Collections Men (LCM) presentation and what a one it was too. I couldn't have asked for a better way to be broken in than with QASIMI's Spring/Summer 2017 showcase, 'Videogame Wars,' hosted in Somerset House’s Lancaster Rooms. The brand is the brainchild of Emirati designer Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi, or Khalid Qasimi to lessen the mouthful. He was born in Sharjah and raised in the United Kingdom, having graduated from Central Saint Martins. Launching his womenswear label in 20